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Sealers and Cleaners

We sell and stock the highest quality sealers and cleaners on today's market made by Dry-Treat, Sureseal and Spirit. Whether it's porous stone, tiles, engineered concrete, brick, pavers and grout we have the appropriate sealer for your job  most of which are guaranteed for up to 20 years when applied by an accredited applicator.

We stock excellent cleaners for grout haze, rust stains, efflorescence, bore water marks, and clay residues.

Please click on the links below to view their ranges:

 Spirit CleanersSureseal

Another one of our best sellers is Quickleen', an all purpose cleaner for solid brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, glass and tiled fixtures and fittings. Non-Toxic 100% bio-degradeable. Click here to view a 'Quickleen' factsheet.

Please call us for professional advice regarding our range of sealers and cleaners.

When calling for help it is advantageous to know the information below:

  • Type of surface that tiles and/or waterproofing or sealing is being applied to ie. Concrete, existing tiles, fibre cement sheeting etc;
  • Is the surface coated or contaminated with any substances?
  • Type of material you are tiling or sealing;
  • Coverage area required in m2;
  • Whether the application is internal or external.

Tile Installation

Finding the right tiler for the job and getting a competitive quote is important.
At Burdekin Tiles and Bathroom Ware we have the experience and knowledge to recommended
a range of local tilers and tradesmen suitable for any job - give us a call today on 4783 5934