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Floor Tile Specials

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Casablana Cotto Gloss Pressed Edge Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile - Brown/Terracotta mottle look

45 x 45 cm $16.50m2

Roccoco Pressed Edge Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile - Orange/Terracotta look with smooth matt finish

50 x 50cm $16.50m2

Inside Out Dark Grey Rectified Porcelain Lappato Finish - Dark charcoal look

60 x 60cm $19-95m2

Breeza Sunlight Gloss Cushion Edge Glazed Porcelain - soft terracotta look


50 x 50cm


Was $35m2

Coastal White

Coastal White External Glazed Porcelain Cushion Edge - Off-White grip finish 


30 x 60 cm


Stonetown Brown Cushion Edge Glazed Ceramic - Dark Terracotta/Brown matt finish with light speckle 

40 x 40 cm $15.50m2

Argyle Cemento Cushion Edge Glazed Ceramic - Smooth matt finish with Dark Grey/Light Grey stone pattern

45 x 45 cm $33.50m2

Matang Cappucino Cushion Edge Glazed Ceramic - Taupe matt finish with light brown swirl pattern

40 x 40 cm


Barbara Chocolate Cushion Edge Glazed Ceramic - Dark Charcoal/Brown stone look - Gloss finish

45 x 45 cm $16.50m2

Sandwave Grip Rectifice Glazed Porcelain Heavy Grip Finish - Olive/Taupe colour with sandstone pattern

30 x 30 cm $18-50m2

Terre Cottoe Clays Ash Cushion Edge Glazed Porcelain - Dark Olive/Grey stone look smooth matt finish

30 x 60 cm $25-50m2


60x60 mm $45/m

Argyle Talc Glazed Porcelain Cushion Edge - Off White Soft Sandstone look matt finish

45 x 45 cm $29-50m2


78.50 76.00




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